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Bay County Sheriff's Office Seminar 
HRD Land and Water Certifications
February 22th thru the 26th

If you and your K9 are registering for the NNCDS HRD Land certification with Greg Cole (HRD Land) or Lisa Higgins (HRD Water), please click on the buy now button below and select the appropriate certification you want. The cost is $75 for certification. Certification is good for one year. Please visit the Standards page to read the new certification standards for this discipline.

If you are not an NNCDS Member you will need to become a member in order to get certified. Certification is $75 which includes a one-year membership to NNCDS. To sign up for certification click here

Please fill out the following information by clicking the Certification Information link below. We need to know this information for your certificates.

Certification Information

Pay throught he PayPal link below

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