About Us
We were originally founded in the mid-1990s as the Network of Canine Detection Services. Our goal was to provide exceptional training to exceptional handlers and canines in the disciplines of Canine Search and Rescue. We hope to ensure that the highest quality of instruction is affordable and accessible to the canine search and rescue community. We underwent major changes in 2013, emerging as the National Network of Canine Detection Services, reinforcing our commitment to those that rely upon accessible and quality instruction throughout the country. We are registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Mississippi.

Board of Directors

President: Barbara Holley - holleybg@gmail.com
1st Vice-President: Greg Cole - greg.cole05@gmail.com
2nd Vice-President: Heather Suedkamp - hsuedkamp@aol.com
Secretary: Robin Houston  - mosar.624@gmail.com
Treasurer: Danny Holley - holleybg@gmail.com
Sergeant at Arms: Paul Martin - pmartin@historyflight.com

Advertising/Donations: Michelle Martin​- cmmartin@memphisalumni.org

Webmaster - Joe Cosenza -  jcosenza1331@gmail.com

Contact Us
For more information about NNCDS or its seminars, please email us at: jcosenza1331@gmail.com