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Brad Dennis

Brad Dennis
Director rescue foundation KlaasKids


In the last 18 years, experience in search and rescue has been Brad across America. While in California, worked as Coordinator search for Polly Klaas in Petaluma, California. His experience in Petaluma motivated him to get involved in the search and rescue, and increased his desire to help families of missing children.

Professional Associations and Memberships:

KlaasKids Foundation-to date

  • - Rescue Operations Director

  • - Director of Search Center KlaasKids

  • - Coordinator search and rescue / action

National Association for Search and Rescue-far

  • - Coordinator search and rescue technicians (SARTECH II / III), technical coordinator for search and rescue canine (K-9 SARTECH II), received national certification as a technician in search and Rescue (SARTECH II)

  • -Your dog “Cheyenne” was certified SARTECH III

Search Management Consultants-present

  • - Founder/Executive Director

  • - Instructor

  • - Trainer canines

Escambia Search and Rescue, Inc. -1995-2003

  • - Assistant principal -Canine Coach/Trainer

  • - Charge of search and rescue (SAR)

  • - Established canine unit to search and rescue

Tracking and recovering bodies nationally -2000-2002

  • - Instructor certificate canines

  • - Canine-Trainer

Personnel Law Enforcement Assistance Program (LEAP) Inc. -2000 to 2001

  • - Instructor certificate canines

  • - Director of operations at Florida State

Swift Abduction Emergency Response for Children (SEARCH) San Diego, California from 1994 to 1995

  • - Founder

  • - Adviser search and rescue authorities, mass distribution of leaflets in southern California and Mexico

  • - Advice about child safety

Polly Klaas Foundation – Petaluma, CA 1993

  • - Advisory search and rescue coordinator reactions

  • Council Appalachian Search and Rescue, VA – 1990-1993

  • - Graduated from the Commonwealth of Virginia Ground Search & Rescue College

  • - Met Managing Course Search Operation (management search operations)

  • - Member of Mobile

Search and Rescue Tidewater, VA -1990-1993

  • - Member of Mobile

Unharrie Boy Scout Council, NC -1979-1982


Seminars presented:

  • Polly Klaas Foundation, Petaluma, CA 1993 – Search and Rescue Techniques

  • Sherriff’s Department in Santa Clara, CA 1994 – Response Search and Rescue (SAR) to child abductions

  • Naval Station, San Diego, CA 1994 – How to react to the abduction of a minor

  • Bay Area Law Enforcement Association 1994 – How to react to the abduction of a minor

  • NAS Miramar, CA 1995 – Speaker of child safety issues

  • Search and Rescue Sarasota, Sarasota, FL 1997 – SAR Management Techniques

  • National Search and Rescue / Disaster Response Convention, Nashville, TN 1998 – SAR Operations for a search and rescue unit scale

  • NAS Pensacola, FL 1998 – Child Safety Issues

  • Tracking and recovery of bodies at the national, Pensacola, FL 1999 – Rescue of corpses with the help of canine

  • Search and rescue in Louisiana, LA 2000 – Course of the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR SARTECH II)

  • Tracking and recovery of bodies at the national, Pensacola, FL 2001 – Rescue of corpses with the help of canine

  • Florida Police Department, Pensacola, FL (Course for forensic investigators) 2001 – SAR resources and the use of dogs to find bodies

  • Old Dominion Seminar / Maury County SO, Appomattox, VA October 2002 – Advanced course on dogs to help find bodies

  • Seminar on dogs for search and rescue in Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish, LA April 2003 Mid-level course on dogs to help find bodies

  • Instructor of child safety issues in public and private schools in Florida and California

  • Conducted several evaluations NASAR SARTECH III / II – Alabama / Florida / Louisiana

Experience in search and rescue / disaster:

  • Multiple searches for missing persons (in various states)

  • Multiple searches of drownings in Alabama and Florida

  • Criminal investigations / search for evidence (FBI, Alabama research department, police department of the state of Florida, other departments)

  • Northridge Earthquake – served as an assistant in the search and rescue

  • Escambia County, Hurricane Erin – Incident Commander

  • Pensacola Beach, Hurricane Opal – Incident Commander

  • Escambia County, Hurricane Georges – Incident Commander

  • Fish River, Alabama, search for flood – Incident Commander

  • Mobile County, Alabama, search for flood – Incident Commander

  • Baldwin County, Alabama, search for flood – Incident Commander

  • Escambia County, Florida, search for flood – Incident Commander

  • Marianna, Florida, Tornado, and incident commander in charge of the canine unit



Cheyenne, black labrador retriever 6 years. Certification bodies have to rescue on land and water and to conduct searches. Cheyenne is a resource to be used by the FBI, the research department of Alabama, and Florida police department. To date, he has helped recover 10 bodies and has even discovered several clandestine graves.

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