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DJ Beddow

DJ Beddow has 20 years' experience in Emergency Planning/Management and over 15 years in K9 Search and Rescue. She was first introduced to K9 work in 1988 as a Sergeant at Charlotte Correctional Institution. She is the Director, trainer and evaluator for SWFK9 Search Unit. She is also the Founder and President of National Canine Detection and Inspections. She has trained and conducted presentations for American Mantrailing Police Working Dog Association, SW Pansar K-9/EFA, Manatee County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue, CF Search and Rescue, FDLE Child Abduction Response Team, Florida Department of Education, Westfork Dog Training, Bay County Sheriff's Department, United States Search and Rescue Team, National Center for K-9 Training and many others. DJ Beddow is also an Evaluator for the National Association of Search and Rescue for Human Remains Detection and K9 Trailing. She is also a service dog trainer for the organization 1Boy4Change that trains K9's for children and veterans around the United States. She has certified K9's in air scent, tracking, man trailing and human remains detection with NAPWDA, Cross Country Canines, NOCDS, SWFK9Search Unit and NASAR. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel for scent work and understanding as well as K9 Cop magazine and EBella magazine. She currently has canines working in tracking, trailing and human remains detection. She is NASAR SAR TECH II certified, an OSHA 503 Trainer, Iona CERT team, member of the Lee County Human Trafficking Task Force Advisory Board, Investigator with the Lee County Fire/Arson Task Force, canine designee for FDLE, Child Abduction Response Team, member of Keiser University Criminal Justice Advisory Board, and member of NNCDS, NASAR, and N.C.D.I. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and is a Fire Inspector and Arson Investigator in Southwest Florida. DJ Beddow and bloodhound Gracie Bell won the 2012/2013 Jimmy Ryce K9 Trailing Team of the Year in the State of Florida presented by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and State Governor. She has certified five or her own SAR canines and currently bringing in her sixth to the field of Search and Rescue.

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