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Heather Suedkamp

Heather Suedkamp is the training director for DarkShotK-9 which she and her husband own.   Their business primarily focuses on selling and training detection and trailing dogs to agencies.   Heather assists her location police department training their narcotics detection dogs and provides private training in obedience, socialization, and conditioning. 

Heather is active in several SAR organizations as an instructor, evaluator and board member.  In addition to past positions with other organizations, currently she is on the board of National Network of Canine Detection Services “NNCDS”, where she also serves as an instructor and evaluator, an instructor and evaluator for Indiana Department of Homeland Security “IDHS”, an instructor for Search Dog Organization of North America “SDONA” and serves as a guest instructor for several other organizations throughout the year. 


Heather and her dogs have completed missions in and held multiple national certifications in land cadaver recovery, water cadaver recovery, disaster, area search, and trailing. 

She currently handles canines DeNA who is a HRD dog and Keeper who is cross trained in Trailing and HRD. 

Heather lives in Kentucky with her husband Jason, who is also a K-9 handler and instructor, along with five working dogs and a fluctuating population of puppies and dogs in training.  She enjoys photography when she can find a spare moment and eye.

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