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Jason Suedkamp

Jason Suedkamp.jpg

My Wife (Heather) and I began in SAR as ground searchers and worked at a kennel that breeds and train working dogs. It didn't take us long to venture over to having a SAR K-9. We are both instructors and or Evaluators for SDONA, HRD Specialty Group, and IDHS and we have a business, DARK K-9 focusing on K-9 fitness and conditioning and detection dogs.

Personally, we have area search, disaster and cadaver dogs certified through IDHS, LETS, NAPWDA and NSDA. I handle three dogs Roxy (Pictured) is our retired area search dog.  O-ren my current Area search K9 and Anna my HRD K9. All of our dogs hold or have held National certifications through one or more agencies.

We are also certified Firefighters and members of the Shakertown KY Volunteer Fire Department.   And I also serve as my county’s SAR coordinator. 

Our biggest pet peeve in life is for someone to refer to this as a hobby. We don't believe SAR K-9 to be a hobby any more than being a volunteer fire fighter is a hobby. We take this responsibility very seriously and incorporate it as a way of life, not as a hobby. We hope to encourage and promote professionalism and reliability in the area of SAR K-9.

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